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Exclusive Loam-Health Cabins and soothing Infrared-Heat Cabins

Infrared rays are long-wave, partially visible rays originating from the sun that travel to the earth, and which give us humans pleasant feelings of heat and strength. An infrared cabana imitates this infrared radiation spectrum: this infrared radiation pleasantly warms muscles and tissue without raising ambient air temperature. Infrared has a healing effect on wounds and scars, provides pain relief for arthritis, headaches and back pain; the rays help in weight loss and help fight cellulite, aid in relieving muscle spasms, and help strengthen the immune system.

GASPO is now able to offer new unique clay-health cabanas worldwide. The pure natural clay product radiates heat naturally, making clay the optimal feel-good material for use in infrared cabana technology. Clay is beneficial to our well-being in many different ways: it regulates humidity and prohibits mould growth, protects against electromagnetic pollution, contains no pollutants, is CO2-neutral and contains cleansing and detoxifying properties.

GASPO creates and produces classic infrared cabanas in different versions. Specially selected solid woods turn the infrared cabanas into a unique wellness experience. The high quality of the clay loam used in the GASPO health cabanas guarantees the construction and testing biological full declaration and examination by the Austrian Institute for Building Biology.

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